Shameless Review: The Aftermath

Just when you think Karen can't shock you anymore she goes and drops that bomb! In "A Beautiful Mess" we find out why Karen would be so quick to jump into a marriage with a guy she barely knows and barely seems to care about, the often naked Jody.

Then again, Shameless is known for their shock value. So did anyone predict that happening? Warning: If you haven't watched, don't read ANY further!

I should clarify, Karen is a ragingly promiscuous woman so I'm not surprised that she's knocked up. Although one might think that a lady, who fornicates as often as she does, would know a bit more about contraception. What surprised me was the fact that she was chilling in the bar like normal and all of a sudden shows up, beat the crap out of Lip, and shouts, "stay away from my baby!" Read More...


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