Once Upon a Time Review: A Wish Gone Horribly Wrong

If Once Upon a Time taught us anything with "Fruit of the Poisonous Tree" it was to be careful what you wish for because even your heart's desire could end in a twisted and treacherous fate.

-Dangerous Desires.  I was disappointed that we saw so little of David and Mary Margaret. That kiss from last week must have went well because this week they were holding secret trysts with wine and more kissing. They're having so much fun that neither one of them wanted to talk about the consequences of their actions. 

David still has a wife, after all. As much as I want these two together, no good will come of this. Especially since Regina's on to them.

-A Perilous Wish. So King Leopold gave the genie his freedom only to have him turn around and kill him. I must admit, I wasn't a huge fan of King Leopold. Sure he adored Snow and her mother but when he proclaimed his undying devotion for his first wife in front of his current spouse, that was somewhere between thoughtless and cruel. Then he read the Queen's diary and locked her away.  Read More...



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