House of Lies 1.04 "Mini-Mogul" Review

House of Lies debuts its fourth episode tonight with "Mini-Mogul," as Marty Kaan (Don Cheadle) works to help a techno-savvy CEO keep control of his company, while Jeannie keeps a secret from the group.  "Mini-Mogul" offers a promising step for the series, though not without its faults.

There seems to have been something of a mix-up (or perhaps not, given the spoiler) in the House of Lies episodes that went out for screening, in that "Mini-Mogul" wasn’t among them.  I’d been running a theory that like Star Trek movies, alternating episodes of House of Lies seemed to range from good to bad in quality, and my thinking was that "Utah" was the next episode in line for airing. "Utah" could be the show’s best half-hour to date, but with "Mini-Mogul" in its place I might not get to keep my theory.  I probably should have known that errors like this might happen, as one of the last House of Lies screeners referred to a past event not covered in any of the other episodes, but I digress. Read More...


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