The Good Wife “Another Ham Sandwich” Review

It was a very strong episode for The Good Wife as Wendy Scott-Carr closes her pincers around Will Gardner and tries to destroy him with charges of bribing judges. The one thing I like about this show when it comes to legal practice is that you never get a lawyer who’s willing to jeopardize their career or their livelihood in order to protect themselves or a friend: a lot of other law shows might have Diane blatantly lying in order to save Will. This one is grounded. It’s sickening, but it makes the proceedings far more dramatic than they’d otherwise be.

Kalinda has really been relegated to the side this season, which is a major reason why so many episodes have lacked that flair and excitement the episodes of seasons one and two had. It’s even more evident in an episode like this, when she’s used in small but vital doses. It was a relief to see she had a trick up her sleeve, and I love that the writers never felt obligated to show us the process through which she went about fiddling with Wendy Scott-Carr’s case. Read More... 


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