Luck “Pilot” Review

Full disclosure: If gambling were legal, I would consider myself something of a gambling connoisseur. I may not be confused for Vegas sharp Teddy Covers anytime soon, but I have higher level of understanding when compared to the average citizen. Therefore, I went into the Luck pilot expecting to have somewhat of an understanding of what was happening. Naturally, I fell into the same group as everyone else who watches this show and isn’t a regular at the track: I had no idea what was going for at least the first fifteen minutes of the show. I knew I was excited to see Dustin Hoffman on TV, Dennis Farina in a quality role, and Nick Nolte at his gravely best, but I had no idea what was happening.

Though I struggled to grasp a lot of the terminology and talking points espoused during the pilot episode, I appreciate the fearlessness it takes to totally immerse viewers in a world. Milch and Mann are tossing you out in the deep end without a flotation device. It’s sink or swim from the very beginning. Luck is a show that will challenge you to learn its foreign language so you can have a better grasp of the show as a whole. Read More... 


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