House of Lies “Mini-Mogul” Review

This week marked the fourth episode of House of Lies freshman run. So far, a few things are clear. First, Don Cheadle is every bit as good as we thought he would be. Second, Kristen Bell is much more in her element when she can play parts with some edge. And finally, we have absolutely no idea why Marty Kaan and the Pod are good at their jobs. They obviously are good at their jobs, but House of Lies has yet to see fit to tell the viewers what makes them good at it. I am starting to wonder if this whole idea is a meta level mind trick. I’m trying House of Lies, just drop me some crumbs.

However, this week focused more on individual stories rather than the collective. We watched Jeannie explore the apparent out-of-bounds area of monogamy. I’m not entirely sure what the point of that whole situation was, but I didn’t mind watching Kristen Bell dance in her underwear. Therefore, I will give it a pass. In addition to Jeannie’s issues, we watched Marty continue to struggle to really communicate with his son. I know Marty is a damaged man, but he seems to have a halfway decent relationship with his own father. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to extend to his own son. It’s an understandably difficult situation. How does the cocky alpha male communicate with his androgenous son? Hopefully it’s a question that none of us have to ponder. Read More... 


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