Gossip Girl “G.G.” Review

If this week’s episode, "G.G.," is to be believed, after five years and one hundred episodes, we now know the secret of Gossip Girl‘s identity. Drumroll, please…and because I’m not sure if it’s just another trick in a season full of false hope, I’ll give it to you straight out…New York’s eyes and ears is none other than Georgina herself.

How do we feel about this? Do we even trust that it’s true?

Since it would probably be easier to say what I liked about this episode than to list all of the things I didn’t like, here’s what I think was done right. The wedding. No, not the abundance of crazy hats (Are we British now?) or the lack of a competent hairstylist for the wedding party (Even Kate Middleton pulled a brush through her hair before she walked down the aisle!!), but the fact that after everything that happened and everyone who (rightfully) tried to stop it, Blair actually married Louis. Read More...



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