House “Runaways” Review

House decided to break from the mold this week with "Runaways", an episode where House goes togreat lengths to save a morally questionable patient while gleefully meddling in other people’s affairs. Oh wait, that’s the same plot of every other episode, ever? Oh, my bad.

Anyway, this installment focuses on a teenaged homeless girl checking in to Princeton-Plainsboro complaining of shortness of breath. Before you can say "Moral dilemma", her symptoms get progressively worse until her legs stop working and she starts puking up blood. As is usually the case onHouse, forever, the fun part isn’t the diagnosis itself, but the patient’s personality and reaction to the sickness. It was actually a pretty interesting question raised here: Is it better for a teenage girl to live by herself or live with her problematic mother? Even though your gut reaction would be that any young child should live with their parents, it sure seemed like the smart thing would be to leave her alone and let her fend for herself. Read More... 


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