Alcatraz “Cal Sweeney” Review

Alcatraz returned this week with the story of "Cal Sweeney", and man, this guy was one smooth criminal! Cal was the first criminal that we’ve seen on this show who wasn’t a violent criminal, but rather a thief who usually left his crime scenes with no victims. Unfortunately, he seems to have really changed his ways since the 60s, as he seemed to be on a killing spree!

Speaking of killing, man this show is brutal! I was expecting this show to be a lot of things: Mysterious, fun, and a little LOST-esque, but definitely not one of the most violent shows on TV! Between all of the brutal head shots, fountain pens being stabbed through the knees, and pressurized pistols being shot through dudes hands. I’m impressed with FOX’s willingness to let them go for it, violence-wise.

The characters on the show are starting to grow on me. Sarah Jones’ performance made Madsen seem a little prickly and cold in the first couple episodes, but now she’s getting a little more relatable and easier to root for. Jorge Garcia’s performance as Diego Soto still has it’s problems, coming off as more of a comic relief than the viable detective that we’re supposed to believe. Oh and Houser is…still pretty terrible, really. Sam Neill completely hams it up in just about every scene he’s in, but it’s easy to just let him and Soto be their goofy caricatures and just enjoy the show. At least the lead character is getting easier to watch! Read More... 


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