'Downton Abbey' recap: One Wheelchair and a Funeral

Amiens, France, 1918. The Hundred Days Offensive -- the Allied push that won the First World War -- is about to begin. There are rats in the trenches. The men have colds. William, ever the loyal batman (a.k.a. "soldier servant"), is getting Matthew dressed to lead the troops once more unto the breach. The latter is looking a bit peaky. The former is acting like his usual slightly dopey-yet-reassuringly pleasant self. The whistles blow, the men charge, the mud flies, the guns blast, and a few heads explode. Then William has the lack of foresight to say "I won’t be sorry when this one’s over," therefore guaranteeing that a mortar shell will explode near the pair, hurling them into a ditch where Matthew lands spine first on a broken cannon wheel and William falls (lungs crushed by the blast) on top of him. Read More...



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