The Good Wife Recap: Arrest Me

The subject line of the e-mail CBS sent out about this episode was "The Good Wife’s Biggest Ep Yet?" The long-awaited grand jury hearing on Will Gardner’s judicial bribery charges is one of the bigger moments of the season. But for all the satisfying twists, the trial seemed to lead to a foregone conclusion: Will getting off. Is it a red herring? Troubles for our Mr. Gardner may be far from over.

The episode starts out with Diane filling Alicia in on Will's grand jury hearing, which seems impossible, because HOW DOES ALICIA NOT KNOW?! This scene seems engineered to remind us how serious the allegations of felony judicial bribery are (disbarment and three to seven years), and to give Alicia a chance to have a tender moment in the hall with Will. For all her protestations that she doesn't love him, she sure looks like she probably does.  Read More...


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