Shameless 2.04 "A Beautiful Mess" Review

Shameless season 2 cooks up its fourth entry with this week’s "A Beautiful Mess," as Frank Gallagher continues worries about Sheila's progress with her agoraphobia, while Fiona fends off Craig Heisner (Taylor Kinney)'s vengeful wife and Debbie plans a sleepover to combat her stress. Unlike last week's  "I'll Light A Candle For You Every Day," this week's Shameless dials back some of the more reprehensible behavior to keep its storytelling in appreciable check.

You know you’ve seen a good episode of a TV show when you’ve got about twice as many notes as usual, at least from a TV critic’s perspective.  Last week was a tough one for Shameless, in that I found it hard to look past some of the characters’ extremely abhorrent behavior (read: Frank passing on the new heart for Dottie) to appreciate any character action.  The characters’ morality is spelled out in the show’s title itself, but taking dramatic actions to such comical extremes undercuts our emotional connection to the Gallaghers.  And if we can’t feel what the characters feel, there’s no point in watching in the first place. Read More...


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