'The Bachelor': Precious, based on the time with Ben by Jennifer


The "Bachelor" and the ladies head for Puerto Rico, but it's no big deal because Courtney was just there. Frankly, I'm surprised they weren't turned away at the beach by a mob of angry Puerto Rican women who interacted with Courtney on her trip.Nicki's DateI love how Nicki says, "I feel like I'm very fortunate [to be going on the date]." Like, instead of saying "I'm very fortunate," she "thinks" she's very fortunate. Is she not sure? Does she have to wait and see if the date sucks or not? It's a stupid little thing, but it made me giggle.And then I laugh harder when she squeals about the helicopter. We know there was no production assistant giving her electric shocks, the shot of them walking toward the helicopter was too wide. Perhaps Ben was pinching her really hard. They are caught in a torrential downpour, but that's just better, it's romantic. Don't complain, Nicki....



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