'Pretty Little Liars': 'Lolita,' Vivian Darkbloom - don't stand so close to me


On the latest "Pretty Little Liars," A sets his or her sights on Hanna, in a big way. And "Lolita" may give us another piece of the Alison puzzle.First off, A warns Hanna to make Caleb stop working on the cell phone files or Hanna's mother will be exposed for her thievery at the bank. Then A sends an email to Hanna's whole address book from her phone that shows her new nemesis Kate topless in the locker room. And it's a shame, because Spencer had blackmailed Kate into being nice to Hanna based on some old embarrassing picture from camp. But we have a feeling Kate won't care so much about that anymore.In Ezria Land, Byron recommends Ezra for a position as an Associate Dean. At Hollis' satellite campus in New Orleans. Yikes. And Aria has an actual friend date with Holden, when she spies a very suspicious bruise on his side. Hmm.Speaking of...



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