House Review: House Will Never Change, Ever!

Taub is bored by his children.  House has a patient (Callie) he seems to relate to.  Dr. Adams is self-righteous.  And Foreman's affair comes to an end.  And other than those items, "Runaways" was for the most part a filler episode.  If an episode is going to be a filler, it needs to be humorous.  It can't rely on boring stories about Foreman and Taub that most viewers aren't all that interested in.  Remember the season six episode, "The Down Low"?  It's the one where Wilson is trying to date his neighbor and House pretends he and Wilson are gay so he can get the girl?  That one was a complete filler, but so hilarious and memorable!  Don't waste the comedic potential, please.  It's too vast.

We didn't learn anything new tonight and the most positive thing I have to say about this episode is that I enjoyed the patient because she reminded me of other patients I liked. Remember the CIPA patient from "Insensitive," in season three?  She couldn't feel any pain and jumped off the balcony in the lobby?  She was spunky and fun and fought with her mother.  There was also the daughter from season four's "It's a Wonderful Lie."  Also spunky.  Also with mother issues.  If there's anything that this show likes, it's teenage girls that have a little sass, which I can definitely appreciate.  House certainly seemed to take a liking to this one.  But why? Read More...


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