Pretty Little Liars Review: A Tale of Two Alisons

Just when I start to get frustrated with the show, it finally throws me a bone. Or rather a claim ticket. "A Kiss Before Lying" provided the secrets, revelations, and dramatic tension that should have been in last week's episode. In fact, it was almost too much action for one show. But I enjoyed every minuted of it!

The biggest reveal of the night was Alison's creepy alter-ego - Vivian Darkbloom. This pseudonym for Lolita author Vladimir Nabokov creates some pretty icky implications. Nabokov's absorbing and disturbing story of Humbert Humbert's passion for nymphets (specifically the titular Lolita) adds a bizarre and distasteful tone to Ali's relationship with Ian. In fact, it casts a weird shadow on all the pairings of older men and younger women: Ezra and Aria, Spencer and Wren (Spencer and Ian for that matter), Jenna and Garrett. Read More...


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