'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: 'A Kiss Before Lying'

Poor, Hanna. Her boyfriend's sneaking around behind her back with three other girls and her evil step-sister is enrolling at Rosewood High. But circumstances aren't quite as dire as they sound, as the girls in question are Hanna's best friends whom Lucas is helping decrypt video from the night of Alison's murder, and, as it turns out, step-sister Kate is in a peace-making mood.

As the "Pretty Little Liars" (sans Hanna, obvs) watch, Caleb enhances a new portion of tape, revealing something intriguing: a fake I.D. depicting Alison with dark hair. Why did she need a second fake I.D.? Left out but not forgotten, Hanna calls each of the Liars' phones without an answer, until Spencer finally takes pity and picks up. Big mistake, Spence, because Hanna overhears the discussion and knows something is up. Family time, shmamily time. Read More...



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