The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Now they Stop Fighting about the Good Stuff?

Holy Cannoli, guys: If the first installation was any proof, these reunions are going to be painful and drawn out, with forced drama mostly about nothing at all scattered throughout. And what a waste, when there are so many significant horrible things that actually happened this season, stuff that’s worth still talking and fighting about! It’s more tragic than anything else that has ever happened in the history of humans.

The first half of last night’s RHOBH reunion special caused me to become insane with rage. Adrienne maintaining that her feelings were hurt when Lisa called her dog "Crackpot" instead of "Jackpot" on Twitter? Truly? Lisa having to defend calling her friend’s shoe "The Maloof Hoof"? I get that they’re going cast member by cast member in terms of putting the ladies on the hot seat, but all Lisa has to answer for this season, as far as I’m concerned, is her crossover to team Taylor post-tea-party. Otherwise, Lisa is clean. Who cares how much money she spent on her kid’s wedding? Who gives a shit about soap on a chicken or tiaras on a perimenopausal woman’s head? Oh, this drove me crazy. I knew it would be bad as soon as I heard Kim wouldn’t be there. And yes, I’m looking forward to her one-on-one with Andy, but I still wish Oprah were alive so she could do it herself. Kim needs to be grilled like a tilapia filet, and I’m not sure if Cohen will remove his kid gloves to do so. Read More...


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