Jane By Design “The Lookbook” Review

I have several problems with "The Lookbook," this week’s episode of Jane by Design. I really wish they were little problems that I would be willing overlook in order to get my weekly vicarious fix of Jimmy Chooshoes, but I can’t simply write these off as the show’s growing pains or excuse the show because it’s obviously been created for teenage girls. There is only so much disbelief that I can be expected to suspend.

1) Why, in the name of all things Hermes (aka holy), would Gray have the lookbook sent to Jane via UPS, but then insist that Jane hand deliver it to her in Paris? Why would she not just have UPS take the bookstraight to Paris?! And while we’re on it, where did the book come from? If it’s the culmination of Gray’s work…how has she been working on it if she doesn’t have it?! Read More...



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