Glee “Michael” Review

The music of Michael Jackson took center stage in the appropriately titled, "Michael," this week’s episode of Glee. Compared to the rest of the season, I would definitely have to say that it was a high point. But compared to some of my favorite moments from season one, it still fell short. Very short.

I guess I just feel like the show is going through the motions these days. The sparkle and zest that I once loved now feels manufactured and shoved down my throat. Still, I soldier on because despite some people’s opinions, I really do love Glee. I don’t like saying negative things about it, but I’m also not going to applaud lazy writing and ridiculous characterizations.

To recap, the Warblers (led by a now-blatantly evil Sebastian) got wind that New Directions planned to bring Michael Jackson to regionals and stole the idea. A parking garage dance-off ensued where Blaine got hit in the eye with a rock salt-laced slushie. Instead of the police investigating a serious assault, they leave it in the hands of the teenagers. Artie gets mad, Santana gets a confession on tape, but in the end, Kurt takes the high road which means inviting the Warblers to join them in song. Read More... 


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