'Ringer' Midseason Return: 5 Things to Expect From Siobhan (Video)


Siobhan (Sarah Michelle Gellar) has returned to New York City. Because if she wants things done right, she has to enact her plan herself when The CW’s Ringer returns on Tuesday.

"I think the focus largely in the first part of the season was what we call the Gemma chapter, as well as Bridget taking on her sister’s identity," series co-creator Nicole Snyder says. "I think the focus shifts on Siobhan and her revenge plot heavily in the second half of the season."

"We just felt like the conceit of having Siobhan in Paris was perfect for the first chapter, but we wanted to amp things up," co-creator Eric Charmelo says. "It is just more fun playing with the 'twinning' of it all by having the two sisters in the same city simultaneously interacting and interweaving at least from one side unaware." Read More...



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