New Girl Review: Reality Check

This week’s episode, "Jess and Julia", could have marked the end of days. The New Girl apocalypse. The episode where New Girl’s skewed world - full of hand bell jam fests, school bus stripper poles, and former pro Latvian basketball players - met reality. But, to my surprise, my TV didn’t explode.

As it turns out, adorkable Jess does live in the real world, and she has to deal with real problems, not just how-to-defrost-a-turkey-with-body-heat problems. Problems like someone hating her. Leave it to Lizzy Caplan to bring the first real bit of bite to this sitcom. Spurred by insecurity in her romance with Nick, and the suspicion that Nick and Jess might have a thing for each other, Julia says some pretty harsh things to Jess. Check out the quotes page for a refresher of exactly what went down. Read More...


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