'New Girl': Schmidt Rants About Living With A Girl

"New Girl" (Tue., 9 p.m. EST on Fox) added another new girl to the cast, with Jess revealing a new friend, Sadie (June Diane Raphael). Add Nick's new girlfriend Julia (Lizzie Caplan) and it was simply way too many women for Schmidt. He decided that it was because of all the added estrogen in the apartment that it was always wet in the bathroom, leaving his towel damp.

After he stupidly moved the towel to his room to keep it dry, and then found himself without one in the bathroom, he neared his boiling point. He fell on the way to his room in front of Jess and her friends, revealing everything to them, pushing him over the edge and into a tirade. Not about the towel, but about how awesome the idea of rooming with a girl seemed, and how not awesome it's turned out.

As for the mystery of the damp towel? It wasn't the girls exuding some kind of moisture into the air. Apparently, Schmidt and Nick had been sharing the same towel. Oh, and Nick never washes his towels as he doesn't see the point. He's clean. The towel's clean. At what point does their union make either dirty? Read More...



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