Justified Redresses Its Race Problem

It's such a pleasure when a show knows exactly what it's doing and how to do it, and stretches itself without overreaching. FX's Justified is that kind of show. Before season three began, I had a hard time imagining that it could equal season two, with its deft mix of family melodrama, local politics, and crime thriller shenanigans. But things are shaping up nicely. An initial fear of an estrogen deficit is being allayed by the arrival of Miami agent Karen Goodall (Carla Gugino), who is pretty clearly supposed to be Elmore Leonard's Karen Sisco of Out of Sight and the short-lived Gugino series Karen Sisco, but had to be named something else for legal reasons. (ABC owns rights to the character; Justified is produced by Sony.) I'm liking all of the new and returning antagonists, although Neal McDonough's Detroit baddie strikes me as a bit much, with his maniacal expressions and short fuse and quick-draw device. (At least they owned up to the fact that they filched it from Taxi Driver; the idea of a psycho watching that Martin Scorsese classic and taking nothing from it except, "Hey, that quick-draw gadget was awesome!" is the sort of touch you'd see in an Elmore Leonard novel.) And I like what they've done with Raylan post-shooting.  Read More...



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