Glee Recap: Takin’ It to the Streets

Approximately ten seconds into this episode, the characters onscreen (most notably Kurt, sporting a fur-upholstered overturned bucket from Alexander McQueen’s "Gayvy Crockett" collection) throw their conversation in the garbage and just start singing, as if to say, "Oh, fuck it. All these words we're saying are terrible." Which they were! So, GREAT CHOICE! This episode is full of great choices — specifically the choice to do tons of songs (nine!!!) and almost zero dialogue, exposition, or plot advancement. It’s a ratio that makes for a relatively entertaining and brisk episode of Glee. The gist of this opening scene is that everyone ("blah blah blah blah" —everyone) wants to do Michael Jackson songs for regionals, and so, proclaims Mr. Schue, Michael Jackson songs they shall do. Blaine sings "Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’" because he wanna be startin’ the episode (sorry). It’s officially "Michael week." Here we go. Read More...


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