Justified Recap: Pawn Shop Empire

I should put it out on front street that I am not now nor have I ever been a drug dealer, gun runner, Dixie Mafioso, nor a criminal of any kind, really. Maybe Vulture should have hired a writer with more firsthand experience, I don't know. But I do know television, and my years of watching it have taught me that the most dangerous time for both criminals and law enforcement is when there's a power vacuum at the top of the criminal food chain.

And that's clearly where we're at this week on Justified. We're only on episode three and we've already been introduced to, what, five would-be kingpins? Boyd and Dickie and Neal McDonough's as-yet-unnamed Detroit mobster, and Limehouse, and now this week we got Glenn Fogle, Pruit Taylor Vince, who is small-time but no less vicious. Through Boyd's various criminal enterprises, we've already seen how good criminal underlings are hard to find, and Fogle's pawn-shop empire might be the most inept collection yet, led by a returning Wade Messer, played once again with sliiiiightly too much comedic buffoonery by James Legros. Still, Fogle's domineering contempt for his oxy-addicted underlings makes him a particularly menacing bad guy. When he forces poor, simple JT to play Russian roulette in order to atone for getting picked up by the authorities, that's one thing. When he goads JT into turning the gun on him — pulling the trigger six times with no shots fired; possibly a test of loyalty? — then loads the gun, THEN fires a shot through JT's chest, that's some next-level shit. Read More...



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