It's clear what the episode title is referring to, and that's not even the craziest part. Dink wants to marry Maya because he is in love, she's pregnant, blah blah blah. I am a little annoyed that Maya is being so headstrong with this relationship like she doesn't need her parents support.

The BIG issue in this episode is the tension between Sam and Addison.

I never say this but OMG! I am really disgusted by them both. Naomi is a good friend to both Addison and Sam and it's really stupid that Addison is even contemplating this relationship at the expense of her friendship with Naomi. Especially after Sam's little speech when Addison wouldn't kiss him ("whine whine whine...Naomi left me...whine"). It seems that even if he isn't in love, he is definitely hung up on his ex. Which leads me to why this is so annoying. Sam tells Addison that essentially who is she to turn back on something that could be sooo much. Really Sam? Really? You made your choice when you married Naomi. Go take a cold shower and hit up the clubs. EXPAND your dating circle beyond work.


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