New Girl “Jess & Julia” Review

If only every struggling television comedy had a Lizzy Caplan. This episode of New Girl was by far its best. It came right out and confronted what has been the show’s ironic selling point and its main detractor: Jess, as played by Zooey Deschanel. I like Deschanel, I’ve liked Jess at times, but when you have a character who’s charming and goofy and quirky and, ahem, "adorkable", you’ll run into some resistance. It wasn’t untl this episode that it became apparent that while the guys might roll their eyes and furrow their brows at Jess’ behaviorisms, they’re not outright frustrated. Nor is Cece. You need that resistance if you’re going to tolerate Jess, and that’s where Julia comes in.

Julia is tough and grounded and serious and sardonic. She’s not going to be dressed by cartoon birds, nor would she save a bird by violating traffic rules. She’s the perfect obstacle for Jess. The show deserves a lot of credit for pitting these two against each other, but also for making Jess look really bitchy at times. Read More... 


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