Justified “Harlan Roulette” Review

Justified is a very cool show. It is so confident that, three seasons in, it can spend an entire episode setting the table for whatever is about to come later. But the process about which it sets the table is interesting, and that’s a credit to the writers and the actors, the vast array of guest stars they’ve got to carry this show through the table setting pieces. From the black hat cowboy in episode one to Fogel, the pawnshop dealer who gets addicts to do his illicit backroom dealings in exchange for the pills they so crave in this episode.

Jusitified can only be described as a tapestry. The wordbuilding is exceptional, matched only by the best shows on television – Mad MenBreaking BadParks and Recreation. This is a living, breathing world. When we turn off the television, the characters don’t break into actors and drive to their Hollywood homes. These characters return home to Harlan County. Just look at Wade Meser. Last we saw him, he left Raylan Givens strung up on a tree. Now he’s working in a pawn shop for the nefarious Fogel. We don’t need to know how he and Fogel hooked up. Read More...



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