American Idol Recap: Welcome to Portlandia

Have you ever tried describing a Portlandia sketch to someone and then realized how much you sound like you’re improvising a parody of a Portlandia sketch? Like: "They’re eating figs and they’re wondering whether the figs are organic and locally sourced, and they go to find out, and it takes a long time, and then I guess they’re old," or "Their fair-trade coffee truck breaks an axle and then they go to a club and the D.J. is playing the sound of the broken truck and all the kids love it but then there’s a backlash"? Anyway, tonight’s audition episode takes place in Portland, and every singer’s story sounds like I’m making this recap up, even the really heartbreaking story at the end, which I’m already dreading writing about. So first let’s make fun of some jerks. Read More...


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