'Grey's Anatomy' reveals 'what if': What did you think of the alternate reality?


Last year's "Grey's Anatomy" musical episode was a flop of epic proportions, so when they decided to go high-concept once again, we had our doubts. Consider us converts, though, because Thursday's alternate reality episode had us riveted.In the hour, Meredith dreamed of a world in which her mother, Ellis, had never gotten sick, and in fact had wound up married to Richard. Having grown up in a stable household, Meredith -- who considered Richard to be her father and took his last name, Weber -- barely resembled the dark-and-twisty woman we met in the pilot episode. The ripple effect left us with alternate versions of all of our favorite characters. Meredith's "person" was not Cristina, but April, leaving Cristina alone in her grief after Burke left town. Meredith was engaged to Karev, having brought out his good side -- but even his good side couldn't overcome his cheatin' heart, and it was revealed that he...



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