'Bachelor' Sneak Peeks: Courtney Enlists Her Boobs to Outshine the Other Girls (Again ... and Again)

After last week's skinny dipping scandal, I hope you're not tired of watching The Bachelor's Courtney Robertson bare it all in the name of snaring her man (who would be?!) because she's about to do it again in Monday's episode. It's almost like she's only on this show for the attention.

When the group travels to Panama, the opportunity to wear traditional tribal garb turns into another opportunity for Courtney to release the Kraken her rack -- this time in the name of being "one with nature." I'm sure it has nothing to do with wanting Ben to see her nipples.

Check out these three sneak peeks from Monday's episode -- one of Courtney's next topless tactic, and two more clips of poor bachelorette Jamie ("Who?" the world/Ben asked) attempting and failing -- twice -- to get a decent kiss out of the Bachelor. And you'll never guess who sabotages the first attempt.



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