The Secret Circle Review: A Bad Banana

"Medallion" was full of twists that I felt coming... but I didn't know just how twisted they might get. Some fairly big knots were tied and it seems we will be dealing with the consequences of this episode for some time to come.

It was a cool twist that Cassie was seen in the boat yard 16 years ago. Apparently the memories of some of those who were there had been altered to remember her presence. The woman who came to Cassie was her dad's psychic, to protect him from witch hunters. A surprise revealed she betrayed her circle and Dawn was just waiting for her to come back for the last 16 years.

I've never seen someone on TV buy bananas as overripe as what Dawn pulled out of her shopping bag. She may have good witch skills, but the chick needs to learn to buy better produce! She was also getting unexplained slices down the middle of her hand. It turned out to be a "marking" on the psychic. The psychic marked Dawn, so to speak, and then the psychic had a final mark of her own. Read More...


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