The Secret Circle 1.13 Review - Psyched!

The Secret Circle returned with new episodes for February sweeps and boy they did not disappoint. We gained more pieces to the overall mythology puzzle, saw what danger lied ahead for the Circle, and our beloved characters got some closure while opening up a few doors in the process.


Cassie was duped again by someone who claimed they wanted to help Cassie and the Circle. By this time, you would think the newbie witch would have learned her lesson when it comes to people, especially adults, who want to help her (or the Circle) with their powers. However, Lucy Gibbons (the psychic/traitor) had a tricky way of sneaking into Cassie's trust in the form of the memory spell of the boat incident. I'm glad the writers didn't wait a long time to return to that puzzling moment in "Witness," because not only did it explain how Cassie was seen, but it also cleared up any confusion on whose parent Lucy could have been. That is if anyone even suspected her to be a parent at all. Read More...


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