Parks and Recreation Review: I'm Trying To Wrap My Head Around This

Just when I think I have Parks and Rec all figured out they throw me a curveball that strikes me out once again.

Yes, "Operation Ann" did the unthinkable: Ann and Tom decided to go out for drinks. Granted, no one knows what happened from there, other than Ann telling Tom he’s on thin ice. No matter where things go, at least Ann finally got to do something. She’s been flapping aimlessly around in the wind ever since Ben took over her spot in Leslie’s life.

And, since Ron and Ann aren’t busy fixing anything this pairing will have to do. Still, there’s potential here for absolute bust, and while I hope that doesn’t happen I’m not exactly going to put a lot of faith in it. Let’s be honest Tom is still Tom. Unless we can see some real honest to God character growth and a different personality once in a while, Tom is going out on the first swing. Ann just won’t put up with it for long, and I wouldn’t blame her. Read More...


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