Up All Night Recap: Brotherly Love

Reagan and Chris split up this week, each owning a story that would probably be one of the first chapters in the paperback Stock Sitcom Stories: True Tales of Writers Who Used the Same Plot As Someone Else. Reagan deciding to host a charity auction to get Amy into a really snooty preschool that promises lifelong success? Party Down. Chris and his brother Casey acting pretty competitive with one another, too proud to admit when things aren’t going well? Arrested Development. Amy wears a cow hat and tiny cowboy boots with miniature spurs? The Internet.

The stories shared almost equal screen time, which left little time to develop either one fully. After Reagan and Chris visited Little Nudge preschool, marveling at its room covered entirely in Tempur-Pedic foam (the Swedish sleep system!), Reagan learned that hosting the school’s charity auction is the easiest way to ensure Amy’s acceptance aside from writing a large check. And not the hilarious oversize kind that make great gifts. Trust me and my legions of disappointed gift recipients on that one! Read More...



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