The Office Recap: Kids Are Nothing But Trouble

It’s been a confusing week in Office news. Kelly Kapoor will almost certainly be leaving the show, and NBC, to get her OB/GYN license when this season ends. Mindy Kaling’s departure was long-rumored and almost inevitable, given her rising stature. It is not an overstatement to wonder whether NBC not keeping her in house will one day be seen as an "HBO passes on Mad Men"–level blunder. Now there’s talk of spinning Dwight Schrute off to his own Beets and Breakfast–centric show, which on its surface seems like an unfathomably stupid idea on the part of the network, since there’s simply no way The Office could survive the loss of Steve Carell, Kaling, and Rainn Wilson in such a brief period of time. And based on the ratings from last week’s Office-less 30 Rock–burn-off fest, NBC is not in a place where they can mess with one of the only hits they have. However, there's also the chance that The Office is ready to go (John Krasinski may also be itching to leave to switch full-time to movies, whether rescuing more whales or otherwise), and the Schrute Show is the network's best chance to hold onto Office fans, à la Frasier. Read More...


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