Up All Night “Preschool Auction” Review

We reached the obligatory "parents try to get their baby into a good preschool" episode in "Preschool Auction," this week’s Up All Night. To my surprise, Regan and Chris pulled it off with almost no craziness…unless you count Regan volunteering to run an elaborate charity auction for a school at which her child is not yet enrolled crazy. Not to mention dragging her celebrity BFF (Ava) into the mix and using the power of her daughter’s cuteness to force her into being the emcee. Totally not crazy.

I have to give Regan snaps for realizing that the school cared more about her famous friends than they did about educating Amy. She turned them down and didn’t even keep the onsie they gave her, which was a shame because it was cute. But the best thing about the whole auction plot was getting to see some of the old Ava when she arrived half-smashed after spending a day on her pyschadelic yacht. Glad to see that Kevin hasn’t totally tamed her. Read More...



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