30 Rock “You Are a Man Now” Review

I have a habit of over thinking things and going off on tangents. Something about this week’s episode of30 Rock really set triggered that habit. To begin, who is Simon? How the hell did he get in that box? Further, how did he ship himself? Who does he think he is – Henry "Box" Brown? Look him up. It’s less than a minute in and I’m expecting way too much logic from the fictional 30 Rock world. It is a scripted show, after all.

After refocusing and discovering that Simon is Liz’s agent, we learn that it is time for her to renegotiate her contract – which obviously means a showdown with Jack. Although I expected Liz to falter in her initial negotiation effort, I was very intrigued by the idea of a hospital bed in the office. Of all the objects available for you to nap on, why a hospital bed? It has been a while since I’ve been in one (knock on wood), but I do not imagine that it is the most comfortable napping option. Perhaps that’s the point. You get to stretch out without getting comfortable enough to sleep for an extended period of time. I think George Costanza got it right with his desk cubby. Yes – I’ve gotten way off course. Read More...



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