The Secret Circle “Medallion” Review

This week The Secret Circle focused on the ‘Medallion’ (hence the rather pointed episode title). Cassie learned to use the medallion, it was Adam’s birthday, and Melissa got hooked on drugs. That really is the essence of the whole episode. There was a whole thing with the girl from the boat-vision, now a grown uppsychic who tells Cassie that she can help her to use the medallion, but that was so pointless as to not really warrant mentioning though it technically formed the basis of the episode.

Let’s be honest here — all Cassie learned from evil!psychic chick is that she does indeed remember the spell she heard her father use. Which is a spell to make fires grow. Apparently this is enough to protect the circle in Cassie’s mind, although she does show further mastery of the medallion at the end of the episode, when she (I’m assuming) tracks down her father’s location. At no point did Cassie say ‘oops, I screwed up again by trusting someone I shouldn’t have’. I thought she had more sense. Read More... 


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