Being Human (UK) “Eve of the War” Review

The fourth series of Being Human started with ‘Eve of the War’, an episode which had to do a lot. Not only did it have to deal with the loss of Mitchell and the addition of a baby, but it also had to work in the departures of Sinead Keenan (Nina) and Russell Tovey (George). A tall order for a series that is based on the premise of a ghost, a vampire and a werewolf sharing a house.

The episode opens with ‘London 2037?. In the future vampires are taking over the world, and as we watch the London resistance movement learns that New York has fallen. They are lead by a young woman. Further on in the episode we learn that she’s a very John Connor-esque figure — and she has a plan.

We meet werewolf Tom (first seen in series 3) as he takes a break from work to kill a pair of vampiresand asking their seemingly dopey cohort, Dewi, about Nina’s off-screen death. He’s given information about the whereabouts of the vampire who ordered her death. Tom tells a grief-stricken George to come with him so they can kill the vampire — and they both end up walking into a trap. They’re locked in a building for the duration of their monthly transformation. Read More... 


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Feb 26, 2012 10:31AM EST

What the frack how can you can you kill off the whole premise of a show and expect us fans to continue watching ...

Why does George's story have to end?

this season must be the last season of the series the show is jumping the shark already

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