House of Lies “Utah” Review

I think I may be in love with Kristen Bell. Because of her juxtaposition to Marty and the other guys, she comes off as the somewhat of a moral compass for the entire show. While Clyde, Doug, and Marty run around and act like overgrown children, Jeanne acts as if she has somewhat of a clue about how to have an adult life. She’s the only character in the entire show that comes with any sort of complexity. What’s more, Kristen Bell can act. She proved during this episode that she can carry the show when called upon. That definitely is good for the overall health of the show. I’m not real sure why she (or Don Cheadle for that matter) is slumming it on TV, but I am happy to have her around.

I’m not even going to touch Clyde’s sexual dalliance this episode. It was preposterously dumb, and wasn’t funny enough to serve any kind of real purpose for the show. Doug actually turned out to be the guy giving Clyde advice, which made zero sense given how little Clyde thinks of Doug’s sexual prowess. What’s clear is that… wait… I forgot that I didn’t want to talk about this storyline. Moving on. Read More... 


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