Jersey Shore Recap: Loyalty and Betrayal

This episode of Jersey Shore was quite the comedy of errors. Mike says he feels like the boys don't like him and are plotting against him, the boys feel like Mike doesn't like them and is plotting against them, and it's all a big French farce of functional illiteracy.

"I got my boyfriend back! I get the smush room!" says Pauly. Oh, Pauly, just because you're making the joke doesn't mean you're in on it. Ask any former fat middle schooler.

Vinny wants to know what happened while he was gone, so Pauly fills him in (heh): The Situation is being nice. TOO NICE. Vinny prefers his Mike with extra douche. Hold on, Vin, lemme check with my manager. PSST PSST PSST PSST okay, yep, we can get that for you. Read More...


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