Person of Interest 1.13 'Root Cause' Review

Last night, Person of Interest was back to being the kind of show that makes it required viewing.  In fact, the team behind POI delivered one of the better episodes of the season by telling the story of a family man down on his luck set up to be a patsy in a political assassination. That would have been suspenseful enough, but the show did us fans one better by bringing about the return of former POI and crisis management specialist, Zoe (Paige Turco). As well as setting up a brand-new nemesis for the Machine team in the form of an extremely talented hacker who is more than willing to get her own hands dirty when it’s called for.

Out of work project manager Scott Powell is doing everything he can to avoid breaking the harsh truth of his unemployment to his wife and two kids. Going out on secret job hunts each day while he’s told he’s family he’s on the job until he gets a phone call from a temp agency for a two day gig working at Congressman Delancey’s fundraiser dinner. The very same congressman who may well have enacted the changes that led to Powell losing his job in the first place. However with Person of Interest, things are not quite what they seem to be at first. When shots are fired it becomes clear all too late to Finch and Reese that Powell is in the center of a plot where he’s become the perfect patsy. Finch, Reese, and Det. Carter have their work cut out for them as they race to prove Powell was set up. Things get infinitely more complicated when their operation finds itself on the other end of a vicious virtual attack that leaves them far more vulnerable than they’ve ever been in the past. Read More...


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