'American Idol' Recap: Well, That Was Awkward (Portland & St. Louis Auditions)

Thank goodness these traveling road-show auditions are just about over. The week started out in Portland, land of organic granola and quirk. Here's a recap of the featured contestants: Britney Zooka actually referred to herself as a hipster, which means that she's not an actual hipster. She wears the hat and the glasses, but she's quick to take them off and toss her blonde hair around like the exotic dancer she could become if she ever left Portland. The judges like her, though, so she'll get a shot in Hollywood.I wish I had something nice to say about Ben Perdum, but he brought this on himself. He belches on camera and uses his arm as his own personal snot rag. How he managed to extract himself from his basement video game chair is a mystery, but I guess when you have the chance to destroy Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj on national television, you'll nut up and get it done.  Read More...



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