Grimm Review: Of Reapers and Reasons

I’ll just get this out of the way right now: I’m enjoying Juliette’s character more and more. It’s probably because "Organ Grinder" elevated Juliette from her slightly useless status.

I don’t think Juliette is dumb. She can no doubt sense that Nick has probably put more and more time into his work, and pulling away from her emotionally, however slightly, ever since Aunt Marie came into town. That’s a lot of added stress and anxiety put upon a woman who has already had plenty of encounters with Nick’s work and double life. Her role in his life isn’t easy.

We had a chance to peer a little bit in to where all of these feelings are coming from. Juliette knows what it’s like to have a guy leave her and stop all contact – something Aunt Marie told Nick to do. Which makes things difficult because they love each other, but Nick is dealing with this newfound Grimm aspect of his life and wondering how he can be honest with Juliette about it. Let’s be honest, Eddie is right: either they’ll believe you and think they themselves are crazy or they don’t and think you’re the crazy person – there’s no good outcome. Read More...


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