Supernatural Review: Dean, You Are The Father

It's interesting that "The Slice Girls" pulled a role reversal on a similar situation that took place during "The Girl Next Door."

Rather than Dean making the decision to kill a "monster" that was emotionally close to Sam, it was Sam who was forced to shoot Dean's rapidly aging daughter and prevent her from killing anyone. Granted, Sam didn't go behind his brother's back to commit the act and it was seemingly done to save his brother, but I was certainly surprised that Sam didn't give her a chance.

In fact, I was really curious as to how the episode was going to tie everything up because I knew that the following episodes wouldn't be about Sam, Dean, and Dean's daughter. The particularly dramatic proposition for the Winchester brother would have to be solved meaning she would either be killed off, sent away, or was really never his kid in the first place. Read More...


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