Awake: Season 1 Extended Preview Released

Earlier this week, NBC effectively pulled the plug on The Firm, its low rated adaptation of the John Grisham novel of the same name. In its place, the network slotted in Awake, one of the most anticipated shows of the season that had previously faced a production delay in order to figure out the direction it would be taking. The longer it sat on the bench, the more concern grew that maybe Awake was too ambitious or cerebral to even make it to broadcast TV, so even getting a premiere date in the first place was a victory in itself.

Now that we know when to expect Awake, videos have been coming out of extra footage to stoke the anticipation that much more. The most recent preview highlights the central premise of the series: Detective Michael Britten (Jason Isaacs) is stuck in two realities and doesn't know which, if either, is real. Following a car crash, he wakes up not sure what to believe; either his wife (Laura Allen) survived the crash and his young son (Dylan Minnette) didn't, or vice versa. Michael has to navigate the two realities that he moves freely between, figure out the significance of the links between the two (the number 611, particularly), and somehow, some way try and keep both of his loved ones alive. To help him along the way, he has two therapists, one in the "wife" reality (B.D. Wong) and one in the "son" reality (Cherry Jones), to help him work through the grief and confusion he's currently going through. Read More...


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