'House of Lies': Dawn Olivieri on going toe-to-toe with (and being manipulated by) Don Cheadle


The consulting world depicted on Showtimes "House of Lies" is a ruthless one. Dawn Olivieri tells Zap2it that her character, the No. 1 consultant at the No. 1 firm in the country, deals with a lot of stress since she's constantly worried about one-upping her peers."It's a constant struggle and they're always at odds with each other," she says. "There's a very intense level of competition, even amongst the people that you work with. Nobody's safe -- everybody could be exposed and eaten alive, pretty much."But the high-pressure world of consulting is not the only reason why Monica Talbot comes across as nuts -- it also has something to do with the fact that the story's told by Don Cheadle's character, Marty Kahn, who just so happens to be Monica's ex-husband. "In the breakdown, she's supposed to be this pill-popping psychopath," Olivieri says. "But honestly, if you ask my ex-boyfriend, I'm a pill-popping psychotic crazy...



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