'Downton Abbey': The war is over


Is this the soapiest "Downton Abbey" has gotten so far? What's next, an evil twin?UpstairsThe big story this week is that a badly-burned officer going by the name Patrick Gordon is claiming to be Patrick Crawley. His story is that he was rescued from the waters after the Titanic sank and was taken to Canada, but didn't remember who he was until an explosion during the war. He woke up and remembered he was Patrick Crawley.Naturally, Lady Edith believes him (because she really wants to) and Lady Mary says no way. Robert is suspicious and has his lawyer look into it. It is discovered that a friend of Patrick's named Peter Gordon emigrated to Canada and could be faking it now that he's disfigured from the burns. But before any decisions can be made, Patrick/Peter leaves Downton. Lady Edith is heartbroken.Here's how we feel about this - the entire plot is rather silly and unnecessary....



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